February 2017

London Through a Window in the Rain

I took this photo the other day from my office window and quite like it so thought I'd share! That's Canary Wharf glowing and reflecting the sun.

3D Low Poly/Voxel Style Table

3D Low Poly/Voxel Style Princess V1

3D Wizard Low Poly With Angles

A test to see if I can make the voxel thing a bit more unique with a couple of angles...

Legend of Fangury 3D Test Environment Render

So, taking the idea of turning these test models into a game, decided to do a quick render from Unity. 1st problems apparent - looks like you can only have 3 materials per object on import so probably need to investigate UV mapping/textures etc (had been avoiding that one), and there's a whole host of other issues. Still, an interesting start!

2nd 3d test and upload to sketchfab

This is starting to look like the beginnings of a voxel type game...