Twinkle: learning music made fun! An Android app to help young people learn to play music

Tiny Platform Quest

My first HTML5 game! Dodge the traps, save the princess!

Public Domain SVG's

Images taken from either the British Library or Gutenberg, cleaned up and vectorised.

Interactive Comic Book

An interactive sound toy and interactive comic book.

HTML5 Piano

A really simple piano web app.


A selection of artwork I have produced over the years.

Princess Lillybella Artwork

Some artwork in process for a new game.

Propp Cards

A printable diy set of cards to assist storytelling and creative writing based on Vladimir Propp.

2.5D 8 x 8 Pixel Art

Examples of some 2.5D style 8 x 8 sprites.

16 x 16 Fantasy Tiles

A set of 16 x 16 pixel style characters I'm working on.

16 x 16 Tileset Topdown

16 x 16 tiles for GUI, maps, RPG overworld etc.


I'm not much of a photographer, but I think I've taken some nice photos in my time!

The Legend of Fangury

My entry to the 2016 LOWREZJAM
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